Pros And Cons Of A Large Camping Tent


A large camping tent is something that can easily be found in outdoor stores and shops. There is actually a demand for large camping tents. People who look for these types of tents are usually those who have a camping trip in mind with a large group of people. Buying a large camping tent can set you back a large amount of money so it is advisable to first consider the pros and cons of doing so. There are many different factors that need to be considered before buying a tent large enough to house more than five people. There are also some camping tents which are large enough to meet the needs of more than five people which can be rented from individuals or establishments who specialize in outdoor rentals.

Pros Of A Large Camping Tent

The main purpose of a large camping tent is to be able to accommodate a large number of people, ideally more than five people, in a single tent for camping. The convenience of keeping together a lot of people as well as their belongings is evident, especially when it is a family camping trip. A large camping tent is handy to have even if you do not go camping. It can be used in your yard as a shelter for some activity since many of the larger versions of the large camping tents are cabin types or house types. This means, they are shaped like a house with a sloped, triangular roof and four sides.



One of the disadvantages of getting a large camping tent is the cost of one. Without a doubt, a tent which can house more then five people as well as their belongings will cost more than the smaller ones. This is especially true for large camping tents which are treated with coatings to make it waterproof as well as those that are state of the art.

Other setbacks of a large camping tent are the sheer size of one and the difficulty of setting one up. It is really difficult to bring a large tent to a camping site without the use of a vehicle or some form of transport. Since most of the large tents are also cabin designs, this means that they are more difficult to put up than the ordinary dome type tents, of which a pop up camping tent is the easiest to put up.

Expenses of making the large camping tent comfortable will also be more than that of an ordinary smaller tent. The earth pad of the large camping tent is sure to be bigger. Not to mention the cost of buying one as well.


It Pays To Make Use Of Every Winter Camping Tip That You Can Possibly Find

There are several different aspects to winter camping and to deal with each of these aspects requires that you make use of as many good winter camping tips as you can find. The simplest of all these winter camping tips has to do with how you travel when out on a winter camping trip. Because traveling in the snow is slower and also more difficult as compared with traveling on plain ground in the summer months you must try and set smaller targets in regard to how far you must travel on a daily basis.

Less Daylight During Winter Camping Tip

Furthermore, there are is less daylight available during the winter months and so another winter camping tip is to ensure that you limit how much time you allot for traveling. Even normal camp activities will take longer in the winter and so you must take this into account as well. In addition, you may do well to understand the need of using 3 sided A.T. style shelters which is another useful winter camping tip that you should take heed of.

Winter camping also requires that you make use of winter camping tips that will address the issue of being warmly clad which in turn means having to use several different layers of clothing which will ensure better regulation of the body’s moisture as well as its temperature. There are three main layers that you will need to address: longjohns, fleece and water as well as windproof outer clothing.

Other winter camping tips that are worth learning from include taking good care of your food and water requirements. This in turn means understands the need to include a lot of carbs into your diet as these carbohydrates provide the required fuel to power up your body and to also ensure that your body remains warm from the inside.

It is also necessary to make use of winter camping tips regarding your winter shelter and in this regard you need to make use of proper tents (three or even four season tents) that will best suit the expected weather conditions that you are likely to encounter on your winter camping trips.

The winter camping tent is probably the most important item of winter camping gear and you need to choose this with great care. At the very least, the tent you choose must be sturdy so that it can withstand very windy conditions and it should also be able to keep out snow which will accumulate on the outside of the tent. And, the tent must also be well ventilated to provide better shelter during a snow storm.

It Makes Sense To Purchase Used Camping Equipment

Normally, good quality camping equipment tends to be rather expensive which makes many people think of trying some other activity rather than pay so much money to purchase the necessary items of camping equipment. Fortunately, it is also possible to buy used camping equipment as a means to save your hard earned money while at the same time also getting some good quality items of camping equipment. For those that are doubtful about the efficacy of buying used camping equipment there is good news because there are several notable advantages to purchasing used camping equipment.

Not Much Cash To Splash,Go For Used Camping Equipment

Obviously, people that do not have too much cash to spend but who are committed to trying out camping will benefit the most by buying used camping equipment. Also, even people with plenty of cash to splash might still find buying used camping equipment to be a useful option. The truth of the fact is that many people that have tried camping but did not find it to be their thing will be willing to sell their less used camping equipment for a reasonable price.

Such deals almost always ensure that you will get good quality camping equipment without having to pay a lot of money for your efforts. However, before you purchase used camping equipment you need to ensure that you have carefully inspected the items for signs of among other things wear and tear as well as defects.

It is all too easy to be lured by the fact that people are selling used camping equipment for ridiculously low prices. The sad part is that after you have paid the cost you will find that the items are really not worth even the low price you paid. What’s more, sellers will not guarantee their items of camping equipment which in turn means that you will be left high and dry with some useless items of used camping equipment – unless you were very careful.

Still, there are many places that sell used camping equipment and you need only do your research to find these sellers. EBay is a good example of where you can buy used camping equipment. In fact, you can easily find camping equipment online and all that you need to do is use the major search engines which will provide you with a host of options.

Most online stores that sell camping equipment will sell you every different kind of item and from most of the better known manufacturers as well. Choice is never a problem; it only requires knows how to pick the right brand and for the right price.

Winter Camping: Seeing Nature In An Entirely New Way

One of the things that most of us remember from our childhood days is stories of camping out in the wilderness and then over the years it is possible that you may have even become motivated enough by those stories to try out some camping trips of your own. Though most people baulk at the idea of winter camping it is however quite an interesting option and in fact even when the weather turns cold and the ground is covered with a lot of snow there are still some good winter camping opportunities available to anyone that is interested.

A Number Of Benefits Of Winter Camping

It is quite surprising to learn that there are a number of benefits to be had from winter camping such as getting an excellent opportunity to enjoy the solitude and quietness of the backcountry and being able to enjoy your winter camping without being disturbed by fellow campers. In addition, winter camping makes a person to feel more confident about being more self sufficient and so it pays to learn more about this form of camping.

The first thing that you need to understand about safe winter camping is the importance of layering. This means choosing clothes that are breathable and you need to also ensure wearing sufficient amounts of layers of clothes to keep out the biting cold. What’s more, the innermost layers ought to be made from synthetics as that would ensure more effective wicking away moisture.

You must also purchase the right kind of sleeping bags in which again you need to address the principle of layering which in turn means ensuring that the sleeping bag at least has fleece lining. You must also address the issue of shelters and for this the best winter camping gear would be three-season tents though a four season option might be even more suitable. The latter kind of tents comes with poles that are very strong and so can better withstand both snow as well as wind.

You can’t enjoy winter camping without having suitable heat source and for this you will do well to purchase a good camping stove and plenty of fuel. Though shopping for winter camping items can be a taxing experience you should give it serious consideration as only with the right supplies can you hope to enjoy safe and enjoyable winter camping.

There is in fact no better means of enjoying your camping experience than by trying winter camping which is when you will get to enjoy nature and see it in an entirely new light.

A Few Essential Items Of Winter Camping Gear To Take Along With You On A Winter Camping Trip

When it comes to purchasing appropriate winter camping gear it is necessary to first of all understand the importance of staying warm during the cool winter months and this in turn means having to wear sufficient layers of clothing and also knows how to use these clothing in the most effective manner possible. Heat loss is a major concern which occurs on account of convection and conduction and evaporation as well as through respiration and radiation.

Be Well Insulated Using Winter Camping Gear

When a person increases their level of physical activities it causes additional production of heat and to ensure that this heat is captured you need to purchase items of winter camping gear and clothing that are well insulated.

When it concerns suitable winter camping gear you should first start by choosing an ultra-warm sleeping bag which should be rated for the kind of temperatures you can expect to encounter on your winter camping trip. In addition, you should choose sleeping bags that are roomy enough to allow you to add layers if required and to also stash up items such as additional clothes and water bottles as too batteries.

Another important item of winter camping gear, the bombproof tent should be chosen with great care and typically this means choosing a four season tent which must also come with additional guy-lines and stronger poles as well as must be made from sturdy fabric that will withstand high and even extreme windy conditions.

Thirdly, you need to purchase winter camping gear such as big sized as well as puffy coat that will keep you warm when you are not in your tent or sleeping bag. This coat must be large enough to allow it to cover all the layers of clothing you may need to wear in order to stay warm.

Fourthly, you need to also buy winter camping gear such as a big sized backpack in which you can store your sleeping bag and other essential items required for your winter camping trip. Don’t forget to also add a powerful stove to your items of winter camping gear and in addition you will also need a basic water bottle insulator. Last but not least, take along plenty of butter which is very good for making you stay warm in the cool conditions.

One of the simplest of all winter camping tips is understand that winter camping means traveling much slower than is the case with summer camping. This means that you must set lower mileage goals and in fact you should lop off at least fifty to sixty percent of the miles that you would normally travel on a summer camping trip.

Why It Pays To Make A Complete Camping Equipment List

Preparing for your camping requires that you actually heed the advice of most camping experts which in effect means that you should, before set off for your camping trip; start off by preparing a complete camping equipment list. There are several good reasons why it pays to create a camping equipment list and among them is that it helps you stay better organized and it is also beneficial to you as it ensures less stress and a happier camping trip.

With The Help Of Camping Equipment List Know Your Requirements

With the help of a complete camping equipment list a camper will be able to know as well as understand their precise camping requirements. Often times, a camping trip can be ruined because a camper has forgotten to take along this or that essential item of camping equipment and being out in the open it then becomes impossible to find a solution for the missing items. So, in case you forgot to bring along a few essential tent pegs and even guy ropes, you would find it impossible to erect your tent and that of course means having to endure needless hassles and also having to spend a night (or more) of disturbed sleep.

It pays to therefore create a complete camping equipment list on which you can add all the essential items of camping equipment that you need to take along with you. This ensures that you not only remember what to take along with you but in addition it also helps you to eliminate items that are unnecessary or unsuitable for your particular type of camping trip.

Some items of camping equipment are almost always added to a camping equipment list and these include lightweight tents as well as a high quality sleeping bag and even a sleeping pad. Then, you should include a backpack of better than average quality and you also need to add items such as a good pair of comfortable and strong hiking boots and more importantly you should not forget adding a first aid kit without which your time in the open would be more dangerous than it should be.

You need to go over your camping equipment list to ensure that you have put down every essential item and then you should double check that everything that is necessary has been added and also packed for the camping excursion.

If you find that buying the necessary items of camping equipment is too costly then you need to consider buying used camping equipment. If you do a little bit of research on how to get the best deal with used items you will actually benefit from your efforts and also get to enjoy a better camping experience.

Why Choosing The Right Outdoor Camping Equipment Can Be Harder Than You Expected

Often, campers complain that finding the right kind of outdoor camping equipment is a bit harder than it should be. What’s more, such equipment is not so specialized and so it does not make much sense that it is in fact hard to get hold of the right items, especially as there are so many options. However, part of the reason may be that you may not be aware about what to look for in this equipment and so you can easily end up being confused by the myriad of choices available. The sad part is that not every option is going to work for everyone and so it is understandable that selecting the right outdoor camping equipment can prove to be a bit of a headache.

Outdoor Camping Equipment: Must Be Durable

In fact, it is certainly very necessary that you succeed in picking only those items of outdoor camping equipment that are more durable and because here again there are many options to choose from you would, especially if you are first-time camper, be hard pressed to identify the best items of outdoor camping equipment.

Another headache in regard to picking the right items of outdoor camping equipment is that you might end up buying more items than are absolutely necessary. Often, certain items of outdoor camping equipment are mere luxury items and not at all necessary to proper camping, but people tend to buy them anyway. In addition, you need to also avoid buying bulky items of outdoor camping equipment as these will weigh you down and make it harder to carry them about with you.

For a first time camper, it is often not all that necessary that they actually go out and buy their outdoor camping equipment; renting the items can prove to be a better option as you can then use the equipment and find out whether camping is indeed what you like to do and in case you don’t then you won’t have any further use for the different items of outdoor camping equipment.

You need to also understand that any item of outdoor camping equipment is only as good as the condition for which they were designed. It therefore makes little sense to buy a normal sleeping bag if you are planning on camping in very cold climate. So, choose wisely!

There are in fact, several good reasons why a person that is planning on going camping should make use of a camping equipment list. For one, such lists help ensure that you are able to put down the name of every essential item of camping equipment which you will need to take along with you on your camping trip. Failure to take the required items can end up ruining your camping trip and so must be avoided at all costs.

Camping Cooking Equipment: A Full Stomach Makes A Happy Camper

Happy campers are certainly those folks that have a full stomach and are also those people that are not concerned about having to worry about dealing with hunger pangs. It can be most frustrating for a camper to set up camp in the middle of nowhere and then discover that they have forgotten one or more essential item of camping cooking equipment. To ensure that this does not happen to you it makes sense to invest some money in purchasing a camp cooking box in which you can pack all the essential items of camping cooking equipment that will then ensure that you never feel hungry or frustrated in the outdoors because of having forgotten to bring along the required cooking equipment.

Be Well Prepared For Camping Cooking Equipment

The better prepared you are to face the ordeal of being camped out in the open the better your camping experiences will be. In addition, being well prepared also ensures that when it concerns camp cooking that you will not face any hassles because you have done everything possible to pack all the required camping cooking equipment items with you.

Camping cooking equipment includes many items that are especially designed to make cooking in the open that much easier and more convenient. So, to ensure that you take along these items of camping cooking equipment you need to do two things: pack every necessary item and also ensure that you don’t pack too many items that will make it difficult to carry them with you on your back.

The best kind of camping cooking equipment include plates made from aluminum and some cutlery items and pots as well as pans that too should be made from aluminum. Using aluminum will ensure greater durability and they are also a lot easier to clean and will not break too easily and are also light enough to carry on your back. Of course, if you are planning on just one night of stay in the outdoor you might substitute these items with paper or even plastic plates and knives as well as spoons and forks.

You should also include camping cooking equipment such as mugs that are insulated and perhaps made from plastic; for grilling, why not pack a grate, and in addition you should also pack items to help you clean up such as washing up bowls and dish cloths as well as sponges and scourers.

It also pays to ensure packing essential items of outdoor camping equipment of which the sleeping bag is especially useful if you plan on camping out for longer than just one day. Getting a good night of sleep is essential to enjoying your camping and so you should pay special attention to the sleeping bag that you take along with you.

Cheap Camping Gear: A Beginner’s Best Choice

For a beginner camper, one of the main difficulties they face is deciding on which kind of camping gear to buy and also knows how to buy them cheap. Yes, cheap camping gear is something that can prove to be a real boon for the first time campers though at the same time it is necessary that the low cost should not blind you to ensuring that you pay special attention to the quality of the products. It is of course only possible to enjoy your camping if you use good quality camping gear and so, whenever you go looking for cheap camping gear you should be sure that you buy good quality products even if you have to pay a bit more to do so.

Save Your Dollars By Purchasing cheap camping gear

By purchasing cheap camping gear, first time campers are able to save their dollars and in the process get hold of adequate items of camping gear that will help them get started with camping. There is no sense in buying expensive camping gear if you are only a beginner because the cheap camping gear will help you cut your teeth and also allows you to become acquainted with camping so that you can decide whether to continue with this activity or give it up altogether.

In either case, having bought cheap camping gear you will not have to regret your decision as you will not have made a major outlay of money in purchasing the required camping gear. In fact, buying cheap camping gear is also better than borrowing camping gear because should you damage the borrowed gear you would be liable to pay for replacement costs which could prove to be a big financial burden.

The best place to purchase cheap camping gear is of course shopping malls such as Wal-Mart and K-Mart where the basic items of camping gear are generally available at budget prices. Your main concern, besides the lower price tag, should be durability as well as reliability because these two factors can have a profound influence on how well or how poorly your entire camping experience turns out to be.

If you are planning on camping or even hiking in the outdoors you need to pay special attention to your outdoor camping gear without which you will not get much joy from your adventures. There are of course several options available to you including buying camping gear for short and long as well as moderate to easy camping.

Enjoy The Outdoors With Coleman Camping Gear

The right kind of camping gear will ensure that you will get to truly enjoy your time in the outdoors which should then make you start searching high and low for the best and most essential items of camping gear that will of course, help provide you with better camping experiences. Today, finding the right kind of camping gear has become considerably simpler because of the many improvements that have been made in creating better, longer lasting and more sophisticated items of camping gear.

Coleman Camping Gear: Best In Technology

Coleman camping gear is a good example of how manufacturers of camping gear have incorporated the best in technology to come up with items of camping gear that make camping the real delight that it really is. Coleman camping gear comes to you from a company that has many long years of experience in providing campers with the best quality of camping gear. With Coleman camping gear you are assured of durability and best quality supplies that include items such as furniture, tents, hot water heaters as well as lanterns, and a lot more.

Items of Coleman camping gear such as their three roomed camping tents are outstanding and will ensure that your camping trip is a lot more comfortable. These tents measure seventeen feet by nine feet and can sleep as many as eight campers. On the other hand, there are also smaller tents that can accommodate just two people; or, you can choose to buy tents that are ideally suited for lounging as well as eating and any other kind of activity that you wish to do.

Coleman camping gear includes more than just tents and even their furniture items are nothing short of excellent and they really help make camping truly more comfortable and delightful. These Coleman camping gear items include everything from chairs to cots to tables and even Captain’s chairs and deck chairs. The cots too help ensure that you can sleep in comfort and of course they ensure that you don’t have to sleep on the ground.

Other wonderful examples of Coleman camping gear include their lanterns that are necessary items of camping gear that every camper must take along on their camping trips.

Cheap camping gear can prove to be a big help for those that love their camping but do not have too much money to spend on buying expensive camping gear. For a beginning camper, the lower costing items of camping gear can prove to be a real boon.