A Few Tips On How To Get The Most Out Of Your Camping

Camping is one of the most exciting ways of enjoying the outdoors and today when the economy is on a downturn it certainly makes perfect sense to head out into the wilderness to get in some good camping opportunities. Such an option is certainly better than having to pay for unaffordable vacations. As a matter of fact, camping offers a more affordable and practical solution than any fancy vacation can.

Versatile And Everyone Can Enjoy Camping

Another good thing about camping is that it is very versatile and it can be enjoyed by everyone and in many different ways and also at various times in the year. Whether you like to climb a mountain or head into the forests there is sure to be a campsite available where you can spend some quality time in the great outdoors. There are also different opportunities available that range from climbing Mount Everest to enjoying more civilized and less demanding camping on some of the better known campsites that boast of providing all conveniences.

Camping also allows you to take your entire family with you to visit some of the more established campsites including those that you will find in the Camping and Caravanning Club networks where you will find comfortably flat options where an entire and large family can camp out and enjoy their time in the open spaces.

To get the most out of your camping trip it is first of all necessary to purchase all the required items of gear and the tent in particular must be chosen with great care. It should be of a type and of a size that suits not only your needs but also your budget and it should be useful in all weather conditions and must be able to easily accommodate every member of your group.

Rain and inclement weather is part and parcel of every camping trip and so you must also ensure buying a tent that is waterproof and a good way of finding out how much protection against the rain a particular tent offers you should find out its Hydrostatic head measurement. Any measurement over 1500mm is sure to be useful while anything below this figure will mean that you should avoid buying such a tent.

Besides the tent you need to also consider other items of equipment and furniture and one item in particular that must be chosen with great care is your camping chair. These chairs will come in very handy when you want to relax by the fire and sip a piping hot cup of coffee and it is also most useful if you just want to sit and enjoy the view and landscape around your campsite.

Discount Camping Supplies: Enjoy Your Passion For Camping Without Overspending

Thanks to the ready availability of discount camping supplies anyone with a passion for camping can now go out and enjoy some quality time out in the outdoors without worrying too much about the costs of buying their camping supplies. Most people generally avoid camping because most times the cost of camping supplies is so high that they are not willing to invest that much money.

Discount Camping Supplies: Wonderful Alternative

However, discount camping supplies are a wonderful alternative and fortunately there are a number of unique places where you can get what you are looking for. It is in fact possible to buy essential as well as non-essential discount camping supplies and in fact, all that it requires is that you do some research regarding where the best discount camping supplies deals are being offered.

You can harness the power of the Internet or you can choose to visit a few stores to see what is being offered in terms of high quality and lowest prices. There are many camping supplies stores out there that will sell discount camping supplies even during the camping season and if you are able to find such stores you can get high quality camping supplies at very affordable rates.

Some stores however only offer discount camping supplies for selected items – though these items are generally sold at discounted rates right through the year. Other times, you will come across stores that sell discount camping supplies for shorter periods of time which means that you need to always be on your toes to find these kinds of attractive deals.

The good news is that virtually every different item of camping supplies is available at discounted rates and so if you are looking for discount camping supplies such as tents and sleeping bags as well as utensils, clothing, stoves as well as camping furniture then you will only need to make an effort to locate stores that are offering discounts on such items in order to buy your supplies at cheaper than list prices.

The more time that you spend in searching for discount camping supplies the better will be your chances in finding what you need and at prices that are affordable to you as well.

It is also possible to find quality outdoor camping supplies at hugely discounted prices which is good news because you will not be forced into paying exorbitant prices for essential items such as backpacks and tents as too sleeping bags and cooking utensils. The only real consideration is that you choose only those items that will suit your particular type of camping needs.

Proper Nutrition in the Wilderness with Winter Camping Food

When you go camping in the winter, you absolutely must take everything you need along with you. While it is still considered a recreational activity, there are certain precautions that you must take to ensure that the trip is as safe and efficient as possible. Firstly, dress for the occasion. Throwing boots and a jacket on isn’t going to cut it if it is negative thirty out there. You’ll have to upgrade your attire and your equipment before you set out depending on how harsh the elements are. To keep your strength up, you’re going to want to change your food a little bit to prepare for the cold. Chances are that you eat winter camping food often and don’t think of it in that manner.

Energy Efficient Winter Camping Food

It’s actually hard work to go camping in the winter. Not only do you need to lug a fair amount of equipment along with you (such as a heavier duty sleeping bag), but the elements are probably going to be worse than in the warmer months. In winter camping food, you want food that is high carbohydrates, as they provide some of the most efficient energy to our bodies. Our bodies get energy through other nutrition as well, like fats, but it takes our bodies longer to break them down to access the stored energy. For the fastest energy conversion in winter camping food, carbs are the way to go.

However, it is incredibly important that you drink enough water. Many people are surprised to learn that they lose body water very quickly when it is cold out. No winter camping food is complete without a healthy supply of water. Of course, nobody can carry enough water around to last them several days, so various filtration systems will last you over the long run, while a bottle of water will keep your strength up until you reach your campsite. People lose water quickly in the cold air because of minute levels of humidity, which pulls more water out of your breath than if it were warmer.

The proper winter camping food can make every outdoor excursion fun, but more importantly, safe. When the weather outside is bad and you’re subjecting yourself to it, then you want to keep your strength up. Keeping properly hydrated and fed is also vital for keeping yourself warm, allowing your body to generate sufficient heat. Remember to pack small, compact things that you can prepare in a reasonable amount of time and without too much preparation. The more extravagant and longer to cook something is, the more fuel that you have to carry with you on your trip.

The Importance Of A Camping Tent Review

Camping is a great past time that many people indulge in when they have the time. Many see this as a great time to bond with friends and family. One of the main supplies for camping is the tent. For those who have no idea what kind of tent to choose, reading a camping tent review may be best. There are many different sources of a camping tent review. Some of the sources may be found online while others are in magazines focused on camping or digests and journals that take feature these kinds of reviews every once in a while.

Features Of A Camping Tent Review

There are many different features in a camping tent review that are important to take note of. One of these features is the capacity of the tent to provide shelter for the campers. This is probably one of the more sought after aspects of a camping tent review than any other. Consumers are interested to know how a particular tent may fare as a shelter for the camper. Since camping implies being exposed to the elements, the camping tent review should be able to provide the readers with details regarding the pros and cons of a particular kind of tent. An example of this is the detailing of the advantages and disadvantages of using a canvas camping tent.

Another feature that one can find in a camping tent review magazine of site is the kind of materials used for a particular tent. Not all tents are created equal and it is true that the more expensive ones are usually the more durable and more lightweight ones. A camping tent review should be able to provide the readers with details about what kind of materials are used and how these fare in the great outdoors. Included here are camping tent reviews about how good the ventilation of a tent may be, the waterproof coating on a tent and how warm it can keep a camper.

The other things that may be found in a camping tent review magazine or web site are the camper capacity of tents, how easy a tent is to set up, how light a tent is and the degree of shelter it can provide a person or a camper.

It is important to read reviews about tents if one is interested about camping and buying one. A camping tent review can open ones eyes to what to look for in a tent.

Body Heat Saved By Winter Camping Clothing

The most fundamental lesson of winter camping to remember is to keep warm. This involves a couple of steps, mainly keeping dry and having the right winter camping clothing. You can’t just put on a jacket and boots and go camping in the middle of winter with plenty of snow and biting winds. You’ll need extra layers and clothing made from different materials than cotton. It’s also incredibly important to pack spare clothes in case the ones you are wearing become wet. The right clothing is every bit as important as the quality of your tent, sleeping back, and other equipment. Depending on the weather, proper attire will not only keep you warmer, but it’ll make your trip a safer one.

Keep Winter Camping Clothing Dry and Warm

Winter camping clothing is important when you want to enjoy the outdoors in the winter months because camping becomes substantially more dangerous with the threat of cold and snow. Following a few simple tips can help keep you safe against the elements. Firstly, always camp with a friend. While unlikely, there is still a chance that you could get injured, and there is nothing worse than being away from civilization and wounded. Also, in this day and age, you should almost certainly take a cell or satellite phone with you. This allows you to contact emergency services immediately if necessary.

However, your best defense will be having the right winter camping clothing. Your number one goal is to stay warm at all times. If you have to cross a stream, for example, and you get a little wet, your clothes will not keep you warm at all, and you’ll lose heat very quickly. Winter camping clothing is not made from cotton. Instead, it uses materials like wool and synthetic fabrics that will keep you warm better even if they get wet. That’s why winter camping socks are commonly made out of wool. Many people’s feet sweat, but the wool socks will keep them warm (and also keep them from getting blisters and the like).

Of course, winter camping clothing isn’t the only necessary upgrade you need to enjoy the outdoors in the colder months. Winter camping food, while not quite as vital as clothing, can still make your trip more enjoyable and significantly improve it. Canned goods are a staple of winter camping, but anything that you can throw together quickly and effortlessly while still tasting good is an added plus. Of course, learning how to cook is a whole other deal, but suffice it to say, you’ll need to carry around extra gear and fuel for cooking when it is freezing outside.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Camping Shower Tent

A camping shower tent is a contraption that is used by campers to facilitate bathing in the great outdoors. The basics of a camping shower tent are a small tent with a bag that is filled with water. The bag has a shower head attached to it which allows the campers to use the water pretty much the same way one uses a shower at home. The camping shower tent usually has a handle or a pull which is used by the camper to run the water through the shower head. The amount of water in the bag is usually good enough for a person to bathe thoroughly, complete with soaping up and the use of a shampoo and conditioner. Of course, the capacity of the water bag in the camping shower tent depends on the size of the bag that is provided.

Privacy While choosing Camping Shower Tent

This is one of the things that a consumer should consider when out to buy a camping shower tent. The shower tents come in different designs; some are full tents which are much like medieval tents with a rounded sloping or domed roof. These types of camping shower tents usually have a full side covering that does not allow outsiders to view whoever is inside. It should pretty much like a small cabana with a roof and shower features. Some of the camping shower tents do not have tops or roofs and the head of the bather is often seen outside of the camping shower tent.

Heater And Water Capacity

The water capacity of the camping shower tent is dependent on the water bag that comes with it. Some camp sites often provide a water tank from which camper can erect the camping shower tent beside to connect to the tank for water access. Some of the water bags are just good for one person while others can be used by two to three sparingly. Some water tanks or bags have battery access to which a heater function works. This provides the camper with warm to hot water for bathing after a long days trek.

In choosing a camping shower tent, it may be wise to check out a camping tent review magazine since many of these include reviews for a shower tent. The kind of heater attachment may also be in the reviews as well as the coverage the camping shower tent provides for its user.

Safety First with Winter Camping Equipment

Camping in the winter is a far cry from camping in the warmer seasons. Also, it can be more dangerous if there is bad weather imminent. Having the right winter camping equipment can not only make the trip more fun, but will also make your trip safer as a whole. If you know what type of weather and ground conditions you’ll be facing, you can pack the proper equipment into your backpack. Winter camping equipment for snowy conditions is different from (only) cold weather camping. However, if there is one characteristic that all winter camping equipment shares, it is to keep you warm, no matter what.

Setting Up Camp With Winter Camping Equipment

One of the most important pieces of winter camping equipment that you’ll use is the tent itself. Many tents are designed for use in the spring, summer, and autumn months and may not be designed to deal with high winds and lots of snowfall. Also, the stakes used to secure the tent are different for hard ground and snowy conditions. Fortunately, there is specialized equipment for every camping condition, and you can even find different stakes for hard and soft snow alike.

To stay warm at night, the most important piece of winter camping equipment is your sleeping bag. Summer sleeping bags won’t serve you well at all, and you’ll need to pick up winter sleeping bags that are rated for different temperatures. It’s pretty common to find sleeping bags that are rated for negative 25 degrees Fahrenheit and lower. To keep warm, you’ll also want to buy padding to place beneath the sleeping bag as the cold ground can actually suck your heat away faster than the cold ground, all based on some basic principles of physics that state that solids conduct heat energy faster than gases.

Lastly, make sure that your clothing is appropriate for the trip. Winter camping clothing should never be cotton. While it’s dry, cotton is fine, but there is a greater chance that your clothing will become wet from snow. When wet, cotton loses heat very quickly, while wool and synthetic materials keep you warm. To go camping in the winter, you’ll have to buy some special equipment for the season, and this equipment typically costs more than the lower quality summer materials for normal camping. With the appropriate winter camping equipment and by following some basic tips, you can make your winter camping trip successful, safe, and fun.

The Advantages Of Using A Pop Up Camping Tent

A camping trip is usually done outdoors and by more than just one person. People who go camping often have a tent and other camping supplies, with which they survive or enjoy the outdoors. Some campers who camp in a camp site also bring a camping shower tent for the ease of taking a bath with stored or gathered water. For those who use a tent for just one person or a two person tent, a pop up camping tent can be of great convenience.

A pop up camping tent is the type of shelter that is set up just by twisting something to release the tent. The material of the pop up camping tent is usually of the waterproof nylon variety that offers the camper a lot of shelter from the elements when he or she goes camping. Nylon is usually the more preferred fabric or material for a pop up camping tent because it offers breathability and some degree of warmth for the camper.

Pop Up Camping Tent: Light And Durable

Most of the smaller types of pop up camping tents are light to carry, offering the camper ease of trekking through the woods heading to the camp site. The lightness of the pop up camping tent also allows the camper more things to carry. For some pop up camping tents, they are also made to last with treatments that help to make it less vulnerable from the exposure to harsh elements like the heat or the sun, the beating of the rain and the harshness of the wind.

Easy To Set Up

This is probably one of the main selling points of the pop up camping tent. It is actually so easy to put up since all one has to do is to just release the main tent from the binds that hold it. The term pop up manifests as the tent literally pos up when it is released. The ease of putting up pop up camping tent is one of the things that many people like about this type of camping tent. This is apparent for pop up camping tents which is for a single person only.

These advantages of a pop up camping tent are the top reasons why a lot of campers, especially those who bring their own supplies, like them. Of course, a larger tent would be difficult to make into a pop up camping tent which is why most of these tents are usually reserved for single or double occupancy only.

Tips On What To Look For In A Good Winter Camping Tent

It is important to choose your winter camping tent with great care and at the very least it requires that you choose a shelter that will prove to be effective in dealing with the wind and low temperature as well as precipitation and which also provides good to excellent ventilation. The four season winter camping tent is a good option though before you go out and buy this winter camping tent is sure to understand that such tents can prove their worth in varying weather conditions including in moderate to good weather conditions. In fact, such tents can also be used in the summer though they will create more heat within because of lack of ventilation to allow the heat to escape. The only exception is the lightweight four-season tent.

Winter Camping Tent For Keeping Out The Cold

When you go out to select a winter camping tent you should ensure that it helps to keep out the cold and is well ventilated and it should withstand high winds and must also be able to brush off falling snow and finally it must repel precipitation. For those of you that intend on backpacking during the winter months, choosing lightweight winter camping tents is advisable.

Most winter camping tents are specially designed to be able to withstand even the most extremely cold weather conditions though there are a few other factors that must also be addressed before you make your final choice.

The first factor that you must address is the size of the winter camping tent which should be large and roomy because you will be spending a lot of time in your tent during the winter months. Next, the winter camping tent must come with an especially strong frame which must ensure that the tent does not collapse or fracture too easily under the weight of accumulated snow.

Storage is another important issue when picking your winter camping tent and so you want to buy only a tent that allows you to maneuver easily without smashing items within the tent while moving about. Hopefully, this knowhow will help you pick the right winter camping tents which will then ensure that you are able to enjoy happy and comfortable camping experiences regardless of the weather on the outside.

Winter camping can prove to be very challenging and exciting and to ensure that nothing detracts from your adventure you must pick the right kind of winter camping equipment. This means planning ahead and ensuring that you have all the necessary items to ensure safe and comfortable winter camping.

Pros And Cons Of A Large Camping Tent

A large camping tent is something that can easily be found in outdoor stores and shops. There is actually a demand for large camping tents. People who look for these types of tents are usually those who have a camping trip in mind with a large group of people. Buying a large camping tent can set you back a large amount of money so it is advisable to first consider the pros and cons of doing so. There are many different factors that need to be considered before buying a tent large enough to house more than five people. There are also some camping tents which are large enough to meet the needs of more than five people which can be rented from individuals or establishments who specialize in outdoor rentals.

Pros Of A Large Camping Tent

The main purpose of a large camping tent is to be able to accommodate a large number of people, ideally more than five people, in a single tent for camping. The convenience of keeping together a lot of people as well as their belongings is evident, especially when it is a family camping trip. A large camping tent is handy to have even if you do not go camping. It can be used in your yard as a shelter for some activity since many of the larger versions of the large camping tents are cabin types or house types. This means, they are shaped like a house with a sloped, triangular roof and four sides.


One of the disadvantages of getting a large camping tent is the cost of one. Without a doubt, a tent which can house more then five people as well as their belongings will cost more than the smaller ones. This is especially true for large camping tents which are treated with coatings to make it waterproof as well as those that are state of the art.

Other setbacks of a large camping tent are the sheer size of one and the difficulty of setting one up. It is really difficult to bring a large tent to a camping site without the use of a vehicle or some form of transport. Since most of the large tents are also cabin designs, this means that they are more difficult to put up than the ordinary dome type tents, of which a pop up camping tent is the easiest to put up.

Expenses of making the large camping tent comfortable will also be more than that of an ordinary smaller tent. The earth pad of the large camping tent is sure to be bigger. Not to mention the cost of buying one as well.