A Brief Explanation About What To Include In Your Camping Gear List

You should, before you go on a camping trip, make out a detailed camping gear list and then also double-check every item on the list. It is vitally important that you take with you every essential item of camping gear because without the required items of camping gear you cannot hope to enjoy your camping trip; in fact, you could even experience a really nightmarish experience on account of having forgotten to bring along this or that essential item of camping gear. Of course, most campers are also not absolutely sure about which items of camping gear to add to their camping gear list.

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It is therefore a good idea to research your options and a good source for some useful advice in this regard is to check out a site such as Avid Outdoors (avidoutdoors.com) where there is a customized camping gear list that will help take care of all your camping gear needs.

One of the most essential aspects to picking your camping gear is to remember never to overload your backpack with too many items of camping gear. In fact, when creating your camping gear list you have to ensure that you only add the most essential items of camping gear that will then ensure safe and enjoyable camping. Of course, you need to be especially careful not to duplicate items, especially in regard to items that your fellow campers are bringing along with them.

At the very least, a good camping gear list should include common items such as a tent to suit the season in which you will be camping. In fact, if you plan on going camping very often then makes sure to buy an all season tent. Other necessary items that you will do well to include in your camping gear list include a sleeping bag, blanket and sun shelter as well as a pillow and lantern/flashlight.

You also need to add certain tools to your camping gear list and these tools include a camping axe, handsaw, pocketknife and nails and hammer as well as rope and twine. For cooking you will need to include items in your camping gear list such as a BBQ, can opener, propane or liquid gas stove, propane or liquid gas cylinders, and pots and pans. And, of course you will be in need of utensils.

Also, add certain items of food and water to your camping gear list including condiments, butter, cooking oil, cereals, bread and packaged bagels.

When it concerns shopping for winter camping gear you need to ensure purchasing a tent that is built for extreme winter camping. Features that the tent must have include steep sidewalls, poles, adequate storage, rainfly, mesh and webbing.