Pros And Cons Of A Large Camping Tent

A large camping tent is something that can easily be found in outdoor stores and shops. There is actually a demand for large camping tents. People who look for these types of tents are usually those who have a camping trip in mind with a large group of people. Buying a large camping tent can set you back a large amount of money so it is advisable to first consider the pros and cons of doing so. There are many different factors that need to be considered before buying a tent large enough to house more than five people. There are also some camping tents which are large enough to meet the needs of more than five people which can be rented from individuals or establishments who specialize in outdoor rentals.

Pros Of A Large Camping Tent

The main purpose of a large camping tent is to be able to accommodate a large number of people, ideally more than five people, in a single tent for camping. The convenience of keeping together a lot of people as well as their belongings is evident, especially when it is a family camping trip. A large camping tent is handy to have even if you do not go camping. It can be used in your yard as a shelter for some activity since many of the larger versions of the large camping tents are cabin types or house types. This means, they are shaped like a house with a sloped, triangular roof and four sides.


One of the disadvantages of getting a large camping tent is the cost of one. Without a doubt, a tent which can house more then five people as well as their belongings will cost more than the smaller ones. This is especially true for large camping tents which are treated with coatings to make it waterproof as well as those that are state of the art.

Other setbacks of a large camping tent are the sheer size of one and the difficulty of setting one up. It is really difficult to bring a large tent to a camping site without the use of a vehicle or some form of transport. Since most of the large tents are also cabin designs, this means that they are more difficult to put up than the ordinary dome type tents, of which a pop up camping tent is the easiest to put up.

Expenses of making the large camping tent comfortable will also be more than that of an ordinary smaller tent. The earth pad of the large camping tent is sure to be bigger. Not to mention the cost of buying one as well.