Requirements For A Family Camping Tent

Going camping with the family can be a great time to bond with each other and just relax with the fact that everybody is together. Without an RV or any other vehicle to put things in, a family camping trip will need a big enough family camping tent to accommodate everybody. The design of most family camping tents is usually dome type which can accommodate about three to four people. A family of more than three to four people will need the square type or house type family camping tent. This is actually one of the most important factors in choosing a family camping tent, the accommodation.

Family Camping Tent: Keeping Dry And Warm

These two are also important when out camping with the family. Keeping dry and warm are two factors that will keep the family comfortable. It may not be the rainy or snow season but some early mornings can be chilly enough to freeze a person. A family camping tent should be able to withstand exposure to rain, morning dew and cold winds. A nylon tent material is light enough to be carried around without any problem and there are advances in tent coatings that can keep the family camping tent material virtually waterproof yet still provide ventilation for the family in it.

It is not only in the upper part of the tent material that should be waterproof but also the flooring. An earth mat is one thing that should accompany a good family camping tent. For a large camping tent floor, there should also be a fitting earth mat. The earth mat will keep the tent floor from absorbing the dampness that often comes from the earth. An earth mat also helps to smoothen out the ground on which the family camping tent is pitched.

Easy Set Up

This is another factor that is important for a family camping tent. The sheer size of a family camping tent can make the set up daunting for many campers in spite of the help that may be at hand. The need for this becomes obvious when the tent has yet to be finished and it is getting dark already. The basic dome shaped tent is one of the easiest to set up while a house type is one of the more difficult ones. Since a large family camping tent is usually of the house or cabin type, it may be advisable to start putting it up as soon as the family reaches the camping site.