The 3 burner camp stove

There are many 3 burner camp stove available in many brands. These are mostly preferred for barbeque. Hikers, bikers love to take these stoves in their journey. These stoves are also becoming more popular among families.

Big Gas Grill 3 Bruner Camp Stove

This is the most popular 3 burner camp stove. Proportions: 16″ x 38″ (cooking area) Transporting Dimensions: 42.5″ x 19″ x 16.5″ Transporting Weight: 89.0 lbs. The Big Gas Grill got the Consumer Digest Best Buy awarding. The original Big Gas Grill comes with complete side shelf and a barbecue box which covers two burners. Camp Chef’s BB-90L barbecue box has an attached lid. Its casting iron hardened grate will dried-up in good flavor as the grill. With its big grilling coat and three powerful 30,000 BTU/hr cast burners, it becomes a skilled outdoor kitchen.

The barbecue box can be comfortably moved out from the stove so one has access to all three burners. These burners develops three times the fire up of a normal kitchen stove, which makes this stove correct for following or any other outside activity.
Expedition 3X – Triple Burner Cooker

This is the most powerful 3 burner camp stove for outdoor appliance. With three 30,000 BTU/hr burners, this cooking stove is good for any function. Each burner creates three times the fire up of a burner on the kitchen stove. The 24 x 18 inch grand Fry Griddle characteristics restaurant style eminent sides and handy grease drain. It accommodates over two burners. The heat skirt gives even heat dispersion. Because this griddle comes with Camp Chef hardened finish, it is available to use down of the box. Griddle acts great for stir-fry’s, fajitas, breakfasts, steaks, etc.

It also contains three-sided windscreen to assist keep the fire burning hard and a paper towel bearer and a utensil holder for the stove to keep the shelves free from fuddle. With this package one should be able to prepare anything – anywhere – anytime just like one would do at home.
Pro 90 – 3 Burner Propane Stove

This is a propane camp stove. Dimensions are 16″ x 38″, Transporting Dimensions: 17.75″ x 38.5″ x 9.5″ Transporting Weight: 66.0 lbs shops and outside enthusiast take notice! This is Camp Chef’s greatest, most powerful 3 burner camp stove outside appliance, with the convenient of a 3-sided windscreen and two folding shelves, and convenient folding legs. The three 30,000 BTU/hr burners make this stove good for the family.