The Pleasures of Gay Camping

The biggest attraction of gay camping sites is that they are a secure place where everyone who attends can feel free to be themselves. Gay camping sites are primarily adult oriented sites, and offer a comfortable environment in which to camp and meet new friends. It is also a great way for gay couples and singles to renew or strengthen family relationships. Groups of friends, both straight and gay, can relax and have fun without recrimination.

There is an age requirement at most gay campgrounds. The minimum age is usually 18 to attend, and 21 to become a member of a particular campground. The havens catering to gay camping will also require a picture ID of some kind when you register, and will probably require a deposit as well. Rest assured that these measures are simply for safety and security reasons. No one is going to be tampering with your identification in any way, nor is anyone keeping any lists other than membership rolls. Your privacy is very important to these gay camping sites, and to jeopardize that in any way would spell the end of these beneficial sites.

While most gay campgrounds and RV parks prefer you wear clothes, there are a few out there who are either clothing optional or full out nudist. Be sure to choose wisely and check out each park before making your reservation. Even if your site is clothing optional, do not be embarrassed or worried if you choose to keep your clothes on. But, keeping in the spirit of clothing optional gay camping sites, you must remember that you will probably be seeing more of your neighbors than you might want to.

Gay camping sites are primarily private sites, catering to an exclusive membership, and are rarely open to the public. This way there guests can feel at ease, and be open to mingling and enjoying the company of new people. Some camps are male only, and others are female only. There are more where it is communal ground, with no boundaries, while there are others that have separate camps for male and females attendees. While there, be sure to respect the privacy of others, and to follow any rules the gay camping site may have. If you see violations of the rules, do not hesitate to report them to the management, and let them handle things in their own way. They want to keep their guests happy and comfortable, and will work to keep them coming back.

So whether you are into roughing it in a tent, or cruising in an RV, freedom of sexual expression should no longer be a concern. A little research on the internet can open a whole new world of acceptance and accommodation that will allow you to pursue your favorite pastime and be yourself while there. Look for perks and discounts that membership in gay camping sites can offer, and make a reservation soon.