Things To Consider When Choosing A Camping Shower Tent

A camping shower tent is a contraption that is used by campers to facilitate bathing in the great outdoors. The basics of a camping shower tent are a small tent with a bag that is filled with water. The bag has a shower head attached to it which allows the campers to use the water pretty much the same way one uses a shower at home. The camping shower tent usually has a handle or a pull which is used by the camper to run the water through the shower head. The amount of water in the bag is usually good enough for a person to bathe thoroughly, complete with soaping up and the use of a shampoo and conditioner. Of course, the capacity of the water bag in the camping shower tent depends on the size of the bag that is provided.

Privacy While choosing Camping Shower Tent

This is one of the things that a consumer should consider when out to buy a camping shower tent. The shower tents come in different designs; some are full tents which are much like medieval tents with a rounded sloping or domed roof. These types of camping shower tents usually have a full side covering that does not allow outsiders to view whoever is inside. It should pretty much like a small cabana with a roof and shower features. Some of the camping shower tents do not have tops or roofs and the head of the bather is often seen outside of the camping shower tent.

Heater And Water Capacity

The water capacity of the camping shower tent is dependent on the water bag that comes with it. Some camp sites often provide a water tank from which camper can erect the camping shower tent beside to connect to the tank for water access. Some of the water bags are just good for one person while others can be used by two to three sparingly. Some water tanks or bags have battery access to which a heater function works. This provides the camper with warm to hot water for bathing after a long days trek.

In choosing a camping shower tent, it may be wise to check out a camping tent review magazine since many of these include reviews for a shower tent. The kind of heater attachment may also be in the reviews as well as the coverage the camping shower tent provides for its user.