Camping: The Chuck Box

When it concerns a camping trip there are many things to look out for though one item that really needs your attention is the chuck box. This item can make camping a whole lot more exciting and fun as it provides you with a most compact storage option in which you can store all your camp kitchen as well as personal effects. In addition, it offers you clean surface on which to do your cooking preparation – and in a more sanitary way. Finally, the chuck box also offers you many utilities.

Storing Camp Kitchen Items For Camping

The grub box is a very useful item of camping equipment that will ensure hassle-free camping and it also ensures that you can take off for the outdoors any time you fancy a camping trip. The chuck box is ideal for storing your camp kitchen items which will also help ensure that you do not have to scrounge about to find items such as spices and place settings and also your cooking utensils.

The most basic form of chuck box is any cardboard box though today these chuck boxes are usually plastic containers that can be sealed and easily stacked and in addition they offer waterproof storage as well.

Camping requires that you need to do more than simply store all your requirements conveniently because you will also need a clean surface where you can do your food preparation as well as cooking cleaning. What’s more, you generally won’t have the luxury of using a camping table out there in the wilderness which is why choosing your chuck box with care can offer you a limited setup that makes up for lack of table space.

What’s more, in order to get the most out of camping also requires that you learn to act as the skilled campers do. This means being up-to-date about how to use the right equipment, and learning how to put up and tear down the camp. It also pays to learn about camping first aid and you should also make a checklist to ensure taking all the required items with you. In addition, it pays to learn about what kinds of meals you can prepare on your camping trip.

It is also necessary that you get to learn about essential camping equipment. One secret that you should pay heed to in this regard is that the more items of equipment you have the more you are going to get bogged down by it. This means that the key to enjoying your camping is to only take exactly what is required – nothing more and nothing less.

A Cast Iron Camping Stove Allows You To Cook With Greater Ease

No camping trip will ever be considered as successful without there being plenty of appetizing foods available to satisfy hungry stomachs. There is in fact a lot awaiting anyone that chooses to go camping and for you to get the most out of your time in the outdoors why not consider taking along a cast iron camping stove? These are camping stoves that ensure that you can cook all your favorite dishes without any effort or bother.

Cast Iron Camping Stove Is A Bit Heavy?

No doubt, a cast iron camping stove can prove to be heavier to bear about with you but on the flip side cooking with a cast iron camping stove ensures that you enjoy greater convenience of cooking and it certainly beats any portable stoves which will only end up severely curtailing the kinds of foods you can cook on it.

For people that worry that the cast iron camping stove is inconvenient to carry with you on a camping trip it should be mentioned that convenience is a matter of interpretation and when you factor in the many benefits to using a cast iron camping stove you will then certainly not mind having to carry a bit more weight on your person.

There are several ways that you can ensure that carrying a cast iron camping stove with you is not such a big inconvenience after all. First of all, you can consider renting a RV camper which beats hiking into the forests with a heavy load on your back. An RV camper will ensure that you and other campers get to travel in more comfort and it will also provide you with the convenience of a kitchen that may already be equipped with a cast iron camping stove.

Another way of getting round the inconvenience of carrying a heavy cast iron camping stove is to opt to buy a smaller sized such camping stove. In fact, you can easily find small sized cast iron camping stoves that have two burners and which are not all that heavy either. In addition, when you pack your camping gear ensure that you pack your cast iron camping stove in a separate pack so that somebody with less weight on their shoulders can carry the stove and this will make it more convenient to take your cast iron camping stove with you.

A portable camping stove is a great convenience and by picking one that has two burners you are ensured that you can heat and simmer dishes at the same time. If however you are camping on your own or with one other person then you can make do with some of the very small sized and light such camping stoves.

It’s Certainly A Good Idea To Shop For A Cheap Camping Stove

Most people that have cooked in the open will readily avow that there are few better ways of cooking than with a nice camping stove placed in an open campsite somewhere out there in the middle of nowhere. And, there are as many people that will avow that nothing quite beats the thrill of shopping for a cheap camping stove. In order to find out what you should do in order to buy a cheap camping stove you must first of all decide on how much you can afford.

Different Types Of Cheap Camping Stoves

There are a variety of camping stoves to choose from that have different features and which have varying prices. You could for example shop for a cheap camping stove that has one burner and pay as little as twenty dollars or you can purchase the most feature rich camping stove that would cost about two hundred dollars.

However, it pays to select a camping stove that has at least two burners since that will allow you to cook and heat simultaneously. Another way of buying a cheap camping stove is to opt for those stoves that are light in weight and which could be made from aluminum. Besides being more affordable such camping stoves are also easier to set up and they can also be cleaned with very little effort.

Before buying your cheap camping stove you need to be sure about the kind of fuel the camping stove uses. The most readily available fuel is white gas that is also very cheap as well and it burns quite cleanly. It makes sense to opt for gas camping stoves because these are certainly less costly.

It is also necessary to find out how well a camping stove works at higher altitudes. It would be quite foolish to buy a cheap camping stove and then find out that it does not work well at higher altitudes. Last but not least, in order to find a cheap camping stove you must find out the kind of fuel supply it needs. A camping stove that comes with a reusable fuel tank/canister is obviously a better buy. Remember also that just because you spend a lot of money on a camping stove will not necessarily mean that you are getting a good camping stove. What is more important is that it is affordable and it should meet your camping needs adequately.

Every camper knows that camping and good food is complementary. To get the most out of your camping trips it makes sense to buy a cast iron camping stove which will ensure that you can always cook every kind of food dish without any fuss or bother. The only downside to such a camping stove is its weight which tends to be on the heavier side.

Rechargeable Camping Lantern: Bringing Dead Batteries Back To Life

Dead batteries can be the bane of every camper. Until recently this was in fact a major problem that had a detrimental effect on every camper though now that the rechargeable camping lantern has become a reality such is not the case. Knowing that there is a solution to dead batteries is certainly going to go down well with every camper. The rechargeable camping lantern is certainly the way out and so it pays to know a little bit more about these wonderful camping lanterns.

Rechargeable Camping Lantern Of Varying Running Times

A rechargeable camping lantern comes with a few notable features and there are also different models that you can choose from that will provide you with varying running times. There are some rechargeable camping lantern models that work for five hours while others will work for seven hours and some will even run for even longer.

However, as good as the rechargeable camping lantern is there are certain aspects to it that need to be understood properly before you decide on buying one of these camping lanterns. The term rechargeable does imply that such camping lanterns must have an alternative source of power with which to recharge the batteries so that the camping lantern becomes functional once more.

The best and often the most used such source is any AC adapter or even a twelve-volt car charger. Unless you have an alternative power source to recharge the batteries you won’t benefit from using a rechargeable camping lantern.

A rechargeable camping lantern does however make use of LED technologies which means that such camping lanterns are able to provide high output in terms of their lighting abilities while at the same time using minimal energy which in turn means that the batteries will last for longer. What’s more, many a rechargeable camping lantern actually can be made to work with reliable as well as with fluorescent tubes that are known to consume less energy.

If you are a camper that travels by caravan or by car then the rechargeable camping lantern makes for the best solution for your camping lighting needs because you will have the required power source with which to recharge the batteries.

It also pays to consider taking along a camping lantern stand especially if you are using a hanging camping lantern. Of course, when using a stand you will need to know the proper and safe way of using the stand which should ensure that none of the campers accidentally bump into the stand and burn them or cause other forms of mishaps.

A Gas Camping Stove Burns Hotter And Cleaner Than Propane Stoves

A gas camping stove usually has its own tank into which you can fill and compress the gas. Though you have to do the filling and compressing of gas there is not so much to worry about on this account because once you are through with these chores you can then benefit from the fact that your stove will burn a lot hotter than even a propane camping stove. Even better, with a gas camping stove you get more from a single tank as compared to a comparable cylinder filled with propane.

Carry Enough Fuel For Gas Camping Stove

When you carry your gas camping stove with you on your camping trip you must ensure taking along sufficient fuel that must be carried separately to the stove. You should at least take along a gallon of fuel which is sufficient for meeting most normal camping trips and which is the equivalent of taking along 4 1/2 cylinders of propane.

If you ask anyone that has tried out both a gas camping stove and the propane camping stove you will find that a majority of them will recommend the gas camping stove as it facilitates ease of cooking your meals. In fact, you can use a gas camping stove to cook more than hamburgers or hot dogs because you can cook just about every other kind of food dish with it.

Of course, gas camping stoves are generally only used in the US and in Canada; but, it does ensure hotter and cleaner burning and it can also be used as its own priming agent. The best way to pick the right gas camping stove for your needs is to look at the kind of camping activities you are going to perform. For someone that plan on doing base or even car camping and which involves large numbers of campers it would make sense to go with a gas camping stove that has at least two burners.

For cooking for fewer people you can easily make-do with a smaller sized gas camping stove which can have but one burner. After you identify the right size for your gas camping stove you can then shop for different brands and models and pick the one that suits your budget and needs the best.

Many people, when they shop for a camping stove, prefer to buy a cheap camping stove. This is because they have a limited budget and price is obviously their main concern. Fortunately, there are a number of options open to them that with a little bit of research they can find out about and then get to buy a camping stove that will not cost them a whole lot of money.

Wind Up Camping Lantern: Your Best Bet In Emergency Situations

There are several good reasons why a person should opt for a wind up camping lantern. This kind of camping lantern is excellent whenever you are in need of emergency lighting and in addition it is useful in many other ways as well. In fact, there are few if any other kinds of camping lanterns that are quite as safe to use as is the wind up camping lantern.

Safety Features Of Wind Up Camping Lantern

What’s more, most wind up camping lanterns come with added safety oriented features that can kick in and provide you with greater usefulness when you need it the most. Of course, nobody plans on encountering emergency situations but oftentimes there is no getting around the fact that an emergency situation will arise. In such times you need to be well prepared for every eventuality so that you are able to overcome whatever challenges you have to face.

Some of the more unique wind up camping lanterns even come with an AM and FM radio which is certainly a handy feature that can make camping more fun and less lonely. This radio can keep you informed about weather conditions in the places that you go camping and so you will know well in time when it is time to pack your belongings and leave your camp site in order to escape from being caught in an impending storm.

In fact, the wind up camping lantern is also very handy when used in a home – especially in case of a blackout. Some wind up camping lanterns also come with a siren which is another handy feature that much likes the AM/FM radio can prove to be helpful in certain situations. The wind up camping lantern is also the best option whenever you need reliable lighting that can work under different situations.

The wind up camping lantern is sure to work under every kind of condition and is a new kind of camping lantern that has become very popular with most campers. It is an excellent backup to your normal lantern and it also can work without needing battery power. In addition, it also provides environment friendly lighting and it also helps do away with the need to use battery power as well as different fuels.

Speaking of batteries; you might often have encountered difficulties whenever your batteries have died on you. Now, thanks to the rechargeable camping lantern there is no need to worry on this account. These camping lanterns provide an excellent alternative that can save you a lot of bother in dealing with dead battery situations.

A Brief Look At How To Buy The Right Camping Stove

There are a number of different varieties of camping stoves that you can choose from and among the better choices you can include types such as the propane and cold weather as well as backpacking and even stoves that run on liquids. Besides these different types of camping stoves you will also have to deal with the wide variety of manufacturers of which the best few include Camp Chef and Exponent as too Coleman.

Different Number Of Burners In A Camping Stove

When it concerns shopping for a good camping stove you must also select one that either has one or two or three different burners and if you are good with your hands you might even want to make the stove at home which can often work out as well as any camping stove that you purchase from a store. In any case, it always pays to research different options so that you have a good idea as to which stove is best suited for your needs.

If you had to pick one camping stove that stands out from the rest then you should opt for the one manufactured by Coleman that is a leader in manufacture of various items of camping equipment and supplies and their stoves are well appreciated by end users. Some of their camping stove models include the Coleman Feather and the Apex II as well as Gaz Turb and Outlander.

Their Instastart is an excellent camping stove that boasts of electronic ignition and best design and it is also a very compact stove that will easily fit into your backpack. You can use this camping stove to cook and boil as well as simmer while the Outlander is another option that provides you with excellent cooking opportunities.

In any case, regardless of which camping stove you end up purchasing they are convenient for meeting a variety of needs that include cooking in the backyard and it can also act as a reserve stove whenever you have trouble with your indoor cooking appliances. Today, the different camping stove models being offered on the market are much smaller, lighter and compacter which make them a great addition to your list of essential camping equipment.

There are as mentioned various varieties of camping stoves and the gas camping stove in particular is a good option. Such stoves come with their own tank into which you can fill up the gas with the help of a fill port after which you will need to use the stove’s built-in pump to compress the gas.

Act Responsibly, Use A Solar Camping Lantern

For a camper, today the solar camping lantern represents one of the best items of camping gear because not only does it help provide necessary illumination in the dark but it is also environmentally friendly and so ensures that the camper feels more responsible in how they use their camping gear. In this day and age when the resources of our fragile world are being depleted and used up faster than is good for mankind, the solar camping lantern represents a means by which to act responsibly in how we use our resources.

Different Features Of Solar Camping Lantern

There are a number of uses for the solar camping lantern and it also comes with a number of useful features. The best part to using a solar camping lantern is that it makes use of natural and renewable sources of energy – the sun. It also comes with a small sized solar panel and in addition, has battery backup that is a most important feature in every solar camping lantern. These batteries will store up enough energy to power up the lantern and its main use is felt whenever there is snow or rain or overcast conditions about when there is no sun to power up the solar camping lantern.

The batteries that form part of a solar camping lantern are usually those that are of lower voltage and which use lead acid. Other features that are found in the solar camping lantern include options such as car chargers and remote controls as well as DC six volt output that can be used to charge your cell phone or other similar device.

Another good reason why a person should invest their money in buying a solar camping lantern is that these items will last for a lot longer than other kinds of camping lanterns. Some solar camping lantern manufacturers even claim that their products can last for twenty-five years and will even go to the extent of providing guarantee for those many years.

If you are a camper that loves the earth’s environment and is serious about preserving the natural resources of our planet, then using the solar camping lantern makes perfect sense.

The wind up camping lantern is another good option in regard to choosing a camping lantern. This kind of camping lantern is able to provide bright lighting and it is therefore a good item to take along with you on your camping trips. It is also safe and very useful as well.

Camping Idea: Learn How To Start A Fire, Stay Dry And Do Less

Camping is a wonderful activity that all of us will certainly enjoy if given a chance. This is because camping gives us an excellent means to enjoy the bounties of nature and in the process also gives us an opportunity to get to spend some quality time with friends and family. If you want to enjoy a more enjoyable camping trip you need not rack your brains to think up more novel and interesting camping ideas. There are a few simple ideas that are worth learning about which are readily available and which anyone can do without having to do anything out of the ordinary.

Camping Idea: Use Of Shower Curtains

As mentioned, there are some very simple camping ideas that anyone can learn about and put to good use. Take for example making good use of shower curtains. If you have some old shower curtains you should not throw them away because they can prove to be very useful as they make for wonderful and effective ground tarps. Because shower curtains are designed to keep out water you can use them on your camping trip by laying them beneath your tent where they will prevent moisture from entering your tent from the ground up.

Another excellent camping idea that anyone can use to good effect, waterproof matches should be added to your general items of camping supplies. These matches are far better than regular matches and in fact you can, with a little inventiveness, convert regular matches into waterproof matches. One option is to take the regular match and dip it in nail polish which will form a protective covering for the match while another way of achieving the same results is to dip the match in some melted paraffin.

Fire starters are essential to proper camping and you can think up some bright camping ideas regarding how to make simple and convenient fire starters. In a similar vein another useful camping idea is to take along paper plates instead of normal camping utensils. With the paper plates you are spared the chore of having to clean up the utensil as you can use the paper plate and then simply toss it into the campfire and not spoil the environment or have additional work to do.

In regard to cooking a good camping stove is essential and must be selected with great care. Some people actually like the propane powered stove as it provides some notable advantages over other kinds of stoves. For example, a propane stove is inexpensive and it comes with many desirable features and they are extremely portable as well and in addition are very easy to use.

The 3 burner camp stove

There are many 3 burner camp stove available in many brands. These are mostly preferred for barbeque. Hikers, bikers love to take these stoves in their journey. These stoves are also becoming more popular among families.

Big Gas Grill 3 Bruner Camp Stove

This is the most popular 3 burner camp stove. Proportions: 16″ x 38″ (cooking area) Transporting Dimensions: 42.5″ x 19″ x 16.5″ Transporting Weight: 89.0 lbs. The Big Gas Grill got the Consumer Digest Best Buy awarding. The original Big Gas Grill comes with complete side shelf and a barbecue box which covers two burners. Camp Chef’s BB-90L barbecue box has an attached lid. Its casting iron hardened grate will dried-up in good flavor as the grill. With its big grilling coat and three powerful 30,000 BTU/hr cast burners, it becomes a skilled outdoor kitchen.

The barbecue box can be comfortably moved out from the stove so one has access to all three burners. These burners develops three times the fire up of a normal kitchen stove, which makes this stove correct for following or any other outside activity.
Expedition 3X – Triple Burner Cooker

This is the most powerful 3 burner camp stove for outdoor appliance. With three 30,000 BTU/hr burners, this cooking stove is good for any function. Each burner creates three times the fire up of a burner on the kitchen stove. The 24 x 18 inch grand Fry Griddle characteristics restaurant style eminent sides and handy grease drain. It accommodates over two burners. The heat skirt gives even heat dispersion. Because this griddle comes with Camp Chef hardened finish, it is available to use down of the box. Griddle acts great for stir-fry’s, fajitas, breakfasts, steaks, etc.

It also contains three-sided windscreen to assist keep the fire burning hard and a paper towel bearer and a utensil holder for the stove to keep the shelves free from fuddle. With this package one should be able to prepare anything – anywhere – anytime just like one would do at home.
Pro 90 – 3 Burner Propane Stove

This is a propane camp stove. Dimensions are 16″ x 38″, Transporting Dimensions: 17.75″ x 38.5″ x 9.5″ Transporting Weight: 66.0 lbs shops and outside enthusiast take notice! This is Camp Chef’s greatest, most powerful 3 burner camp stove outside appliance, with the convenient of a 3-sided windscreen and two folding shelves, and convenient folding legs. The three 30,000 BTU/hr burners make this stove good for the family.