Essential Items to include in an RV camping checklist

One exciting way to spend time with family or friends is to go rv camping in different outdoor destinations. Yet, to have an exciting trip that is convenient and safe, some advanced planning is required. It is essential to prepare an RV camping checklist to have a more convenient experience. Not all the time, the weather is sunny and amiable during the trip; hence, an rv camping checklist can minimize some problems by being ready. These are practical items you must include in your rv camping checklist:

Spare tire, road flares and a flashlight. Cars and trucks come with some type of a spare even if it is only a temporary one. Yet, rv trailers are not commonly sold with spare tires so better get one for your rv.

Chock Blocks. If you need to disconnect the trailer, use chock blocks all th time. Don’t make the mistake of disconnecting a trailer without chocking the wheels.

50 feet hose for drinking water. The best choice for drinking water hose are the ones lined with vinyl so there is no rubber taste in the water.

Water pressure regulator. Your rv and your hose should be protected from too much water pressure, so bring a hose regulator. There are many parks with water system that have as much as 100 psi pressure.

Extension Cords. In most cases, rv’s have a 15-25 foot cord. However,bring an extra 25 foot extension cord always.Be certain that the cord has the same gauge as the cord of your cable TV. Some rv parks offer cable television.

Electric Adapters. Although there are many options when it comes to these, it would be practical to carry an adapter that will allow you to plug your 30/50 amp cord into a 15 amp outlet (regular household outlet).

Electrical tester. In case your rv doesn’t have one, get one of the type that keeps plugged into an outlet so you can monitor the voltage.

Sewer hose. It must be at least twenty feel long with proper fittings.

The sewer hose must be handled properly so wear waterproof disposable gloves.

Stabilizer Jacks. Crank down or electric stabilizer jacks come with RVs. If case your rv doesn’t have any, buy stabilizer jacks.

Toolbox. It must have a set of pliers and screwdrivers which can be very useful and handy. Likewise, duct tape is another versatile item to fasten items on the trip.