Body Heat Saved By Winter Camping Clothing

The most fundamental lesson of winter camping to remember is to keep warm. This involves a couple of steps, mainly keeping dry and having the right winter camping clothing. You can’t just put on a jacket and boots and go camping in the middle of winter with plenty of snow and biting winds. You’ll need extra layers and clothing made from different materials than cotton. It’s also incredibly important to pack spare clothes in case the ones you are wearing become wet. The right clothing is every bit as important as the quality of your tent, sleeping back, and other equipment. Depending on the weather, proper attire will not only keep you warmer, but it’ll make your trip a safer one.

Keep Winter Camping Clothing Dry and Warm

Winter camping clothing is important when you want to enjoy the outdoors in the winter months because camping becomes substantially more dangerous with the threat of cold and snow. Following a few simple tips can help keep you safe against the elements. Firstly, always camp with a friend. While unlikely, there is still a chance that you could get injured, and there is nothing worse than being away from civilization and wounded. Also, in this day and age, you should almost certainly take a cell or satellite phone with you. This allows you to contact emergency services immediately if necessary.

However, your best defense will be having the right winter camping clothing. Your number one goal is to stay warm at all times. If you have to cross a stream, for example, and you get a little wet, your clothes will not keep you warm at all, and you’ll lose heat very quickly. Winter camping clothing is not made from cotton. Instead, it uses materials like wool and synthetic fabrics that will keep you warm better even if they get wet. That’s why winter camping socks are commonly made out of wool. Many people’s feet sweat, but the wool socks will keep them warm (and also keep them from getting blisters and the like).

Of course, winter camping clothing isn’t the only necessary upgrade you need to enjoy the outdoors in the colder months. Winter camping food, while not quite as vital as clothing, can still make your trip more enjoyable and significantly improve it. Canned goods are a staple of winter camping, but anything that you can throw together quickly and effortlessly while still tasting good is an added plus. Of course, learning how to cook is a whole other deal, but suffice it to say, you’ll need to carry around extra gear and fuel for cooking when it is freezing outside.