Camping Idea: Learn How To Start A Fire, Stay Dry And Do Less

Camping is a wonderful activity that all of us will certainly enjoy if given a chance. This is because camping gives us an excellent means to enjoy the bounties of nature and in the process also gives us an opportunity to get to spend some quality time with friends and family. If you want to enjoy a more enjoyable camping trip you need not rack your brains to think up more novel and interesting camping ideas. There are a few simple ideas that are worth learning about which are readily available and which anyone can do without having to do anything out of the ordinary.

Camping Idea: Use Of Shower Curtains

As mentioned, there are some very simple camping ideas that anyone can learn about and put to good use. Take for example making good use of shower curtains. If you have some old shower curtains you should not throw them away because they can prove to be very useful as they make for wonderful and effective ground tarps. Because shower curtains are designed to keep out water you can use them on your camping trip by laying them beneath your tent where they will prevent moisture from entering your tent from the ground up.

Another excellent camping idea that anyone can use to good effect, waterproof matches should be added to your general items of camping supplies. These matches are far better than regular matches and in fact you can, with a little inventiveness, convert regular matches into waterproof matches. One option is to take the regular match and dip it in nail polish which will form a protective covering for the match while another way of achieving the same results is to dip the match in some melted paraffin.

Fire starters are essential to proper camping and you can think up some bright camping ideas regarding how to make simple and convenient fire starters. In a similar vein another useful camping idea is to take along paper plates instead of normal camping utensils. With the paper plates you are spared the chore of having to clean up the utensil as you can use the paper plate and then simply toss it into the campfire and not spoil the environment or have additional work to do.

In regard to cooking a good camping stove is essential and must be selected with great care. Some people actually like the propane powered stove as it provides some notable advantages over other kinds of stoves. For example, a propane stove is inexpensive and it comes with many desirable features and they are extremely portable as well and in addition are very easy to use.