Even A Cheap Camping Shower Is Better Than No Shower

Most of us that go out camping generally bemoan the lack of a good camping shower at the campsite though a fortunate few that do get to use one will certainly get more out of their camping trips than others. To many a camping shower even represents a luxury item though such items are nevertheless indispensable in far as enjoying a more comfortable camping trip goes. In its simplest form the camping shower is just a bladder of a bag that can be of any size ranging from few liters to as high as five gallons. In addition, these showers might come with a hose that has a shower head at one end and the showers are usually dark in color so as to absorb the heat more effectively.

Sea To Summit Pocket Camping Shower

A good example of a basic camping shower, the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower is available at only twenty-seven dollars and can double up as dry bags until you need to convert them into a shower.

If you are a person that camps out frequently then you might want to spend a little more money to buy more convenience as well as comfort in the form of instant hot showers. If you spend about one hundred and fifty dollar you can buy the Hot Tap Travel Shower that is manufactured by Zodi.

There are also more permanent camping shower solutions available that can suit seasonal campsites or other kinds of locations that have access to water supply. In this regard, the Cabala Outdoor Shower is a good option that retails for approximately one hundred and eighty dollars and which comes with inline water heaters that can be hooked up to 20 pound gas cylinders. This camping shower can also be mounted in any place that is convenient for you and as long as there is a nearby water hook-up you can use a garden hose to get up to 18 hours of warm water for a single fill-up of your gas cylinder.

Regardless of what kind of camping you wish to enjoy there no doubts the fact that a camping shower can be an essential item without which you just cannot enjoy your camping experience. Be sure to research your options beforehand so that you can identify the best option.

When summer comes around most of us think about outdoor camping. To get the best out of this you need to have the essential items of equipment that will have take care of your basic camping needs and which will ensure safer and more enjoyable camping.