Lightweight Camping Stove: Two Good Options Worth Learning More About

If you are looking for a good lightweight camping stove then check out Markhill Peak Ignition that is very light in weight and also ultra compact and is ideal for use for backpack excursions. If you are also planning of doing mountain marathons then such a lightweight camping stove can prove to be very well suited for your travails. This is one lightweight camping stove that is extremely well made and provides good value for the money that you spend on buying it.

Brunton Raptor Lightweight Camping Stove

Another good option in so far as a good lightweight camping stove goes, the Brunton Raptor Camping Stove is highly recommended. In fact, for someone that loves to backpack this is the best lightweight camping stove that they can buy as it is not only light in weight and compact in size but it comes with large as well as sturdily built supports for all your pots. It also boasts of having the excellent Piezo ignition.

Of course, such a lightweight camping stove is ideally suited for use for just one or two persons and so if you plan on cooking for a family or group of people then you might need to purchase more than one such lightweight camping stove. It has some very amazing features including precision simmering control that helps you boil an entire liter of water in about four minutes. This is truly amazing given that the stove is so small and compact.

Another advantage to using this lightweight camping stove is that you can get a single eight ounce canister to provide you enough fuel for burning up to one and a half hours – at very high outputs as well. To use this lightweight camping stove requires that you purchase a separate standard threaded Lindal fuel cartridge.

Everyone that has used the Raptor Camping Stove has been amazed at how much value and service they get out of this lightweight camping stove. So without any hesitation if you have to pick a good lightweight camping stove for your backpacking needs then go out and buy the Raptor – it won’t let you down.

Another essential item of camping equipment that must take along with you on your camping trips, the camping toilet provides you with an excellent option to relieve you in the outdoor without any fuss or bother. The Coleman Small Flush Toilet is highly recommended and for about eighty dollars it certainly represents a good buy that has a host of features designed to make life easy for you.