Proper Nutrition in the Wilderness with Winter Camping Food

When you go camping in the winter, you absolutely must take everything you need along with you. While it is still considered a recreational activity, there are certain precautions that you must take to ensure that the trip is as safe and efficient as possible. Firstly, dress for the occasion. Throwing boots and a jacket on isn’t going to cut it if it is negative thirty out there. You’ll have to upgrade your attire and your equipment before you set out depending on how harsh the elements are. To keep your strength up, you’re going to want to change your food a little bit to prepare for the cold. Chances are that you eat winter camping food often and don’t think of it in that manner.

Energy Efficient Winter Camping Food

It’s actually hard work to go camping in the winter. Not only do you need to lug a fair amount of equipment along with you (such as a heavier duty sleeping bag), but the elements are probably going to be worse than in the warmer months. In winter camping food, you want food that is high carbohydrates, as they provide some of the most efficient energy to our bodies. Our bodies get energy through other nutrition as well, like fats, but it takes our bodies longer to break them down to access the stored energy. For the fastest energy conversion in winter camping food, carbs are the way to go.

However, it is incredibly important that you drink enough water. Many people are surprised to learn that they lose body water very quickly when it is cold out. No winter camping food is complete without a healthy supply of water. Of course, nobody can carry enough water around to last them several days, so various filtration systems will last you over the long run, while a bottle of water will keep your strength up until you reach your campsite. People lose water quickly in the cold air because of minute levels of humidity, which pulls more water out of your breath than if it were warmer.

The proper winter camping food can make every outdoor excursion fun, but more importantly, safe. When the weather outside is bad and you’re subjecting yourself to it, then you want to keep your strength up. Keeping properly hydrated and fed is also vital for keeping yourself warm, allowing your body to generate sufficient heat. Remember to pack small, compact things that you can prepare in a reasonable amount of time and without too much preparation. The more extravagant and longer to cook something is, the more fuel that you have to carry with you on your trip.